Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prepare for the Worst! Erosion

This is what happens when you don't Prepare for the Worst!
Welcome back to the only Pacific Northwest blog series about natural disasters that can kill you (and your little dog too), Prepare for the Worst! This installment of everyone’s favorite natural disaster series focuses on nature’s silent killer, Erosion!

But first a quick explanation for why there was such a long break between posts. Given the Great East Japan Earthquake recently, coupled with the odd timing of my most recent post about tsunamis, (just two weeks prior) I felt it best to take a bit of time off from Prepare for the Worst. Plus, I was lazy and busy with other life events, but that's certainly no excuse for not preparing for the worst!

So, without further ado and before the desk under my keyboard washes away! Erosion!